November 10, 2023

The preparation method of zirconia powder

1. Co-precipitation method

The co-precipitation method is currently the most commonly used method for preparing nano-zirconia due to its simple operation, easy control of the reaction process, and low cost. The specific process of this method is: adding some stabilizers (such as Y(NO3)3) and dispersing agents (such as PEG2000, etc.) to make soluble zirconium salts (ZrOCl2·8H2O, ZrCl4 or Zr(NO3)4, etc.) into salt Solution, gradually add precipitation agent (such as NH3·H2O, NaOH, H2NCONH2) to the salt solution, and reasonably control the pH value, and precipitate zirconium hydroxide gel and yttrium hydroxide gel through reaction precipitation, and then undergo aging , Filtration, water washing, alcohol washing, drying, calcination and other processes to obtain zirconia powder.

2. Hydrothermal method

The specific process of the hydrothermal method is: mixing soluble zirconium salt (such as ZrOCl2? 8H2O, ZrCl4, etc.) with ammonia, controlling the pH of the solution, and obtaining zirconium hydroxide gel through reaction, and then filtering, washing, and drying to obtain The hydrothermal precursor is mixed with distilled water and the hydrothermal precursor, the hydrothermal conditions are controlled to obtain the hydrothermal product, and then the ZrO2 powder is obtained by filtering, washing, and drying.

3. Microemulsion method

The specific process of the microemulsion method is: mixing the aqueous solution of ZrOCl2·8H2O and Y(NO3)3 with ammonia and the mixture of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide and normal ethanol to form a reverse micelle solution, and then the reaction The micelle solution is mixed, and then stirred, reacted and precipitated, filtered, washed, dried, and calcined to obtain zirconia powder.

4. Electrofusion method

The electrofusion method for preparing zirconia powder has become an effective method for preparing zirconia due to its simple process, low pollution and low cost. At present, the main process of preparing zirconium oxide by fusion method is to combine zirconium-containing ore (such as zircon sand, etc.), carbon content (such as graphite, coke, etc.), stabilizers (yttrium oxide, calcium oxide, etc.), and clarifiers. (Iron, alumina, etc.), etc. are mixed uniformly, and then smelted in an electric furnace, melted into a liquid phase at the high temperature of the electric arc furnace, the molten liquid is cooled, and the latter is crushed and processed to obtain zirconia powder.

5. Other

There are some other methods also used in the preparation of zirconia powder. Such as sol-gel method and so on.

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