Other SmCo Magnets

We can also provide other Samarium Cobalt magnets such us Samarium Cobalt Pot Magnets, SmCo magnets per drawing. We also provide Magnetic rods with SS tube packed as filer.

Here’s the specifications for tailor-made samarium cobalt magnets.

Part No.: SM-T
Material: Sm1Co5, Sm2Co7
Shape: Per drawing
Grade: YX-10, YX-18, YXG-26, YXG-28, YXG-28H, YXG-26M, etc.
Coating: No Protective Coating Needed
Max Operating Temp(°C/°F): 300/572

For more information on properties and parameters for each grade of SmCo Magnets, please visit our website at SmCo Magnets Grades.

Please send your drawing to sales@edgemagnets.com for quotation on tailor-made SmCo Magnets.

ETTS0001 Other SmCo Magnet

26M, Nickel coating, 25mm dia x 10mm thickness