Magnet Rotors

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Magnet Rotors

Magnetic rotor, or permanent magnet rotor is the non stationary part of a motor. The rotor is the moving part in an electric motor, generator and more. Magnetic rotors are designed with multiple poles. Each pole alternates in polarity (north & south). Opposite poles rotate about a central point or axis (basically, a shaft is located in the middle). This is the principal design for rotors.

Magnetic rotors are primary used in electric motors, but there are many other interesting uses for this type of magnetic assembly. They are used also in electric generators and wind turbines. Please contact us for further question and information.

Material: NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo

Shape: Custom

Dimension: Custom

Grade: Custom

Applications of Magnet Rotor

-Magnet Rotor for In-wheel Motor

-Magnet Rotor for Synchronous Motor

-Magnet Rotor is used for Micro Motor

-Magnet Rotor for Megawatt Marine Motor-Propulsion

Edgetech can provide high-performance magnets, magnetic assemblies, precision thin metals, and electric motor components and assemblies for highly efficient electric machines.

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